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Updated: May 25, 2022

Your mental health is an essential component of life. With proper balance and guidance, you can learn to work through common issues. A key element of achieving balance is getting moving each day. I walk often, and when I do, I focus on God's beautiful nature; hearing the birds chirp and embracing the peacefulness - the sunshine alone is uplifting.

This balance creates an equilibrium of emotions; the peaceful surroundings help you function, organize your thoughts, and prioritize your living. I want to encourage each of you to consider the things that are making you feel stressed and frustrated. Realize that you can balance or eliminate those things. I challenge you to go for a walk even if you can only fit a five-minute walk. While walking, vocalize some of your frustrations. Give voice to some of your disappointments and stress factors; speak it out so that you can hear yourself and your tone. As you release those things, breathe deeply.

Then, as you continue walking, look at nature, the beautiful things created, and shift your focus on the positives. We can’t consume ourselves with these negative thoughts. Think about all the good things you have going on in your life. Part of balance is acknowledging, processing, releasing, and shifting your focus.

Continue to see how you can make small changes to create a balance. Nature walks touch two vital components: your physical and emotional health. Balancing is the key to not being overwhelmed and overloaded. There are many avenues to figuring out how to create balance, and walking is one. Are you balanced today?

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